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WU Alumni Hubs are being organised in (temporary) hometowns or regions by dedicated WU alumni, who feel a special bond with the university. The WU Alumni Community would not be what it is today – international, large and diverse – without the voluntary commitment of these WU Alumni Hub Managers.

An Alumni Hub Manager needs motivation and the willpower to promote a network. He or she organises several regional meetings and events every year. In this way, WU Alumni Hubs are becoming significant, powerful networks all around the world.

Are you interested in setting up a WU Alumni Hub yourself? We would be delighted by this show of commitment and your support of like-minded people.

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Founding a Hub: What you need to know

Who is part of the WU Alumni Community?

The exclusive WU Alumni Community encompasses all graduates of the WU Vienna and the Executive Academy. WU students on semesters abroad (outgoing students) can also use the respective WU Alumni Hub as a personal WU network for the duration of their stay.  

What does a WU Alumni Hub Manager do?

A vibrant network, lively exchange and the chance to forge contacts are the key elements of a WU Alumni Hub. WU Alumni Hub managers are the primary, local points of contact for WU alumni. They organise meetings and events in their home region. Our WU Alumni Hub managers work on a voluntary basis, donating some of their spare time to the WU Alumni Community. They share our vision of promoting WU students and graduates as well as raising the level of excellence at their alma mater.   

How many people are needed to found a WU Alumni Hub?

At least five WU graduates should be living in a region in order to found a WU Alumni Hub. The WU Alumni Office will support you in finding the exact number of WU alumni in your vicinity.

How many WU Alumni Hub Managers typically run each WU Alumni Hubs

Most of the WU Alumni Hubs are run by one manager. We recommend appointing a Deputy Hub Manager for regions with larger networks of 40 or more WU alumni. It has been shown that teams of three Hub Managers work well in very large hubs of 100 or more WU graduates. 

How do the WU Hub Managers make contact with alumni in the different regions?

We observe European Union regulations on data protection (i.e. the GDPR) when processing personal data, both inside and outside the EU. Specifically, we are not allowed to pass on contact data to third parties without prior consent. For this reason, the initial invitation to WU alumni to attend events in each region is sent by the WU Alumni Office. 

How can WU Alumni get in touch with Hub Managers?

Alumni and outgoing students (spending a semester abroad) can get in touch with the appropriate Hub Manager directly.

Of course, WU Alumni may also contact the WU Alumni Office to enquire about Hubs.

How can the WU Alumni Office support me in my role as WU Hub Manager?

The WU Alumni Office will support you in all issues relating to WU Alumni Hubs and their organisation. We can assist you in your search for suitable event formats, the management of invitations, information distribution to WU alumni, legal questions relating to the use of photos and personal data, as well as any other questions relating to your WU Alumni Hub. 

We can provide logos, print materials, standard short texts as well as information about the WU. Further, we will support you in safeguarding our corporate design and observing the advertising guidelines of the WU.

What type of events are promoted by the network of WU Alumni Hubs?

An inspiring network thrives on regular meetings. The WU Alumni Hub Manager organises these events. The range of event formats is very wide, as yiz cab see by glancing at our Event Calendar – e.g. talks, company tours, professional workshops, receptions, exhibitions or simply a meeting over dinner. 

As a publicly-funded university, the WU is unable to contribute to the costs of events. The events organised by WU Alumni Hubs are intended to be unique opportunities for WU alumni to meet one another and are not open to the general public. Politically motivated events or advertising events cannot be organised under the banner of the WU Alumni brand.  

What happens when a WU Hub Manager gives up their position?

WU Alumni Managers generally live in the region in which the WU Alumni Hub has been founded. Should their stay abroad be short-term, they can, however, continue their voluntary service after moving. In this case, we kindly ask you to attend hub events at least twice a year and possibly find a deputy. 

If you wish to give up your role as Hub Manager, please contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to find a replacement.

Should you leave the position, we ask you not to pass on the email addresses or personal details of WU Alumni from your network to any third parties, in accordance with EU data protection regulations (GDPR).