Retaining ties to the Alma Mater

Graduation at the WU is a life-changing experience for many people. It marks an important milestone following years of study, a period which brought many challenges as well as joy. Even after graduation, however, your alma mater can still remain part of your life as a "spiritual mother". This is more than just an educational institution: The WU is the driving force behind personal success, it promotes identity and friendships, and teaches the meaning of social values.

Proud to be a WU Alumni?

Are you proud of your WU degree and your personal career? Then contact us! We want to present as many diverse career and life pathways as possible.

WU is Proud of its Alumni!

Executive Director Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG, Vienna Insurance Group

“My graduation from the WU was a milestone in my life. Not only did my studies give me the tools for a solid foundation in business, but also confidence in my own ability and courage to achieve more. This attitude has helped me at all points of my career.”

President and CEO Western Union

"The WU taught me the basics that were necessary for the development of my international career. I also developed my passion for lifelong learning here. This passion continues to motivate me today and also drives me in my role as CEO of one of the world's most global companies."

CEO ÖBB Infrastruktur AG

“This is where I discovered my interest in economic policy and learned to accept challenges – target-oriented, open-minded and curious.”

Managing Director Distribution, Marketing & Sales ENGEL HOLDING GmbH

“As a graduate of the Vienna University of Economics, I am proud to work in a responsible position at a leading Austrian company, despite being relatively young. The training and education I received at the WU had and still has a considerable influence on my career development. Even 11 years after graduating I still like to reflect on my time at the WU Vienna and still feel very attached to the university.”

Chief Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer Western Union

"At the WU, in addition to the basics of economics, I learned that determination and flexibility are not contradictory, but complementary success factors. The WU has prepared me well for a career in an international environment."

Sales Director Central- and Eastern Europe Rohde & Schwarz Österreich GmbH

"It gives me great pleasure to be part of the WU family. I was an honorary hub manager in the Czech Republic for 10 years and would now like to continue to contribute to WU's success as a promoter of the Innovator category".

Founder sososocial – Agency for Social Media & Influencer Marketing and author & owner of

“In addition to all the business know-how, I learned to organise myself and take responsibility. These tratis helped give me the courage to become self-employed.”

Co-Founder and Managing Director at hokify

“The WU is a hotspot for motivated young entrepreneurs and people with high potential. The WU Alumni Community provides a network beyond their studies.”

Publishing Manager GmbH

"During my studies at the WU Executive Academy, I built a large network of lecturers and students. The wide range of events on offer enables me to cultivate these friendships even after my studies".

Managing Director Blaupapier Bildretusche Produktion Ges.m.b.H.

"The education I received at WU gave me the tools I needed to start my self-employment and for the positive development of our company."

Managing Director and CFO Austrian Post International Deutschland GmbH

"My degree at the WU enabled me to make a seamless transition into the world of work and, in addition to the classical economic basics, I also acquired essential skills such as being able to react flexibly to changes, setting priorities and keeping an eye on a timetable. These skills help me to advance my career."

Interim secretary-​general, WU Rector's Office

"I am a WU alumnus and WU employee. I have always been proud to be a WU graduate because we went through a hard school and really had to achieve a lot, and I am proud of the WU as it is as well as where it is heading, e.g. to a more colorful group that has a sense of social responsibility. A university that welcomes and supports its students and as a place of first-class research, where research results are also integrated into the classroom. With my regular donation, I also support my alma mater on its way into the future".

Managing Director Cassiopeia

I am proud to be a WU alumnus because WU, as one of the largest business schools in Europe, offers an excellent study program and is constantly improving. During my studies, I made many friendships, which I still maintain today.

General Manager illycaffè S.p.A. Austria

"The WU gave me a solid professional base and taught me the importance of being well-organized. I especially appreciated the quality and variety of its offers. The opportunity to study abroad for two semesters with the Erasmus program did not only enrich me professionally and culturally but also opened important doors for my career."