The Network for WU Alumni

The WU Alumni Community offers a wide range of opportunities to help graduates retain close ties to the university as WU alumni and benefit from knowledge transfer at the WU Vienna.



WU Campus – A Centre of Knowledge

The WU Campus regularly holds events for WU alumni: New contacts can be forged and know-how refreshed at morning mingles, presentations, workshops and festive occasions.

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WU Alumni Hubs – Worldwide

There are WU Alumni Hubs in more than 60 cities around the world. From Klagenfurt to Taipei and from L.A. to Nuremberg and Sydney, these are organised locally by dedicated WU alumni.

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WU Alumni Chapters – Bonding through Hobbies

Life is certainly about more than just work. And as hobbies and leisure activities are more fun when undertaken in a group, why not attend or even set up a local WU Alumni Chapter.

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