Thinking Forward!


The WU Alumni Community is an active global network which aims to build up lifelong connections to your alma mater and create a powerful sense of belonging. The focus of our community is on establishing solidarity that is cross-generational and characterised by mutual support. A thirst for knowledge and inspiration encourages a lively exchange between alumni as well as with the WU Vienna. This ensures that our graduates remain an integral part of our university.  

Alone you are unique, together we are strong

WU Alumni act with an eye to the future and are aware of their great responsibility to society. A pioneering spirit and openness are valuable WU principles that alumni observe even after graduation and which are keenly felt within the Community. The WU Alumni Community is a strong partner of the WU Vienna, preparing the next generation for their work in business and society. The support of each individual – from their personal involvement, to knowledge transfer to financial contributions – can help develop the WU as well as promote excellence at our alma mater.

Join us on the next level!