Soft Launch of New WU Alumni Website

Here it is – the new WU Alumni Site is finally up and running! It exudes that fresh WU Alumni spirit. It wants to keep in Contact with you, get your feedback and find out your opinions. What do you like? What’s missing? Do you discover any “childhood illnesses” including confusing links, mistranslations, user-unfriendliness and other opportunities for improvement? Tell us what you think. The Soft Launch is designed just so you can do that.

What’s new

  • The site has migrated from to You need to take your time for those two identifying letters!
  • The layout is completely new and oriented to the WU Website. Let’s face it, the WU Alumni Office is no longer just a satellite, but has been integrated into the structure of the WU and is now part of the Rectorate. The WU wants to keep in intense contact with all 55,000 of its alumni and foster discussion.
  • The contents are "by WU Alumni" – with selected links to the website of the Alma Mater, whereever we think they are relevant to alumni.

Your WU Alumni Team wishes you a fun read, happy surfing and looks forward to your feedback!