From Networker to Change-Maker

Every graduate is an alumnus or an alumna, regardless of the academic year, degree or training course at the WU. Everyone is part of the WU Alumni Networkers, automatically and can participate in WU Alumni events.

In addition, we would be grateful for your meaningful support. Step by step, with your help, the quality of the WU will keep on growing. 

Get involved by simply choosing which option suits you best.



Which type of donation will you choose? It´s up to you. 


We welcome every and all forms of support: Each donation will help knowledge growth and ensure our continued excellence. 

“Support Plus” includes participation in WU Alumni Events and many other benefits. “Support Pure” is your option if you would like to donate a freely selectable amount to WU for no consideration.

TO  "support pLUS"                         to "support pURe"

Plus or Pure? Both are tax deductible

More about "Support Plus"

All alumni are networkers: free of charge and automatically. And that's not all: Depending on the amount of your contribution, you can become a supporter, innovator, impactor or change-maker. What this means in terms of funding amount and alumni benefits offered can be seen in the graphic below.

If you wish to take part in WU Alumni events and also make use of WU Alumni Benefits (free or reduced-price access to events), the level of tax deductibility on your donation will be reduced by a small amount. This is because a certain portion is regarded as payment for benefits received.  Please note that all WU Alumni events are in German.

More about "Support Pure"

Many WU alumni are unable to take advantage of WU Alumni's offerings and events, for example because of geographical distance. And yet their emotional closeness and attachment to their alma mater is great. We would like to thank them for this!

With "Support Pure", the entire amount donated is tax-deductible.

Flexible Cancellation

Your annual donation is paid to the WU via SEPA transfer for as long as you wish. Of course, you can at any time choose to suspend the annual transfer, change the amount or indeed cancel the transaction completely. Just get in touch with the WU Alumni Office for further assistance. 

Tax Savings

Under Austrian law, donations for the purposes of teaching and research made by private individuals (such as donations to the WU) may be tax-deductible, as long as the donation is not more than 10% of personal income. The WU is legally obliged to report the size of your donation to the tax office by the end of February of the following year at the latest. If you have an objection to such a report being sent, please inform us at

More information regarding the tax deductibility of donations can be found at: