Holograms and Virtual Reality in Remote Working

Extended Reality (XR) can help create more personal experiences in remote working. Leaders, challenged by Covid-19 restrictions, are starting to implement XR technologies to stay in contact with staff in ways that go beyond Zoom and GoToMeeting. XR promises to recreate more dynamic environments, help drive co-creation, as well as generate ideas over coffee.

As part of the international initiative Living Innovation, the Institute for Managing Sustainability  at the WU Wien is hosting an online dialogue on this topic on March 16th. Renowned VR and XR experts Simon Benson, Larry O'Reilly and Armen Ovanessoff will present newest insights into immerse technologies, show how companies are using XR and holographic telepresence to facilitate remote work, but also point out the risks and responsible use of these technologies.


Learn more about the event at the Living Innovation website as well as on LinkedIn


Holograms and Virtual Reality in Remote Working

Online Dialogue
16 March 2021, 16:00-18:00 CET
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Simon Benson is Co-Founder of Realised Realities, a specialist XR consultancy. Previously Director of Sony's Immersive Technology Group, Simon was instrumental in the creation of PlayStation Virtual Reality.
Larry O’Reilly is CEO at ARHT Media Inc, which specialises in holographic solutions and is global leader in two-way, real time HoloPresence communication.
Armen Ovanessoff is Principal Director at Accenture Research. An expert on the risks and responsible use of virtual reality, Armen’s research insights regularly feature in tier-1 economics and business publications.

The keynote presentations will be followed by in-depth conversations on:

  • Holographic solutions and HoloPresence communication
  • The business case for using VR
  • Risks and challenges of VR

Contact the organiser: info@living-innovation.net