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title: 5 Science-Based Steps to Become More Resilient

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type: Workshop

duration: ca. 90 Min

location: Foyer, EA Gebäude

language: English


What does resilience actually meanAnd, how can you cultivate it while keeping up (or even increasing) your performance?
This is not about being all happy-dappy and knowing how to display that 'perfect' Instagram life. Let's be real, you can't get rid of fear - it is a basic emotion that forms a big part of our human experience. What counts is how you deal with fear when it comes up and how you face your daily 'threats'. 
Discover in this interactive live workshop: 
 - Why striving for happiness should not be your ultimate goal and what might be an even better alternative. 
 - Science-based hands-on tools to become more resilient - exercises that you can do wherever you are and without anybody noticing it! 
 - Insights about the latest resilience research and how you can apply it in your daily life. 
 - How to make specific mental shifts to thrive even in uncertain times and fast-track achieving your goals.


About Pamela Wagner

© Pamela Wagner

The former Google employee has been leading her boutique paid ads agency (Ajala Digital) successfully since establishing it over 5 years ago. Being a first-gen graduate and entrepreneur in her family, she built everything from scratch on her own, without any outside funding. While she runs the company and her team completely location-independently, she has also started her second Master's degree about 2 years ago at Harvard. Even though Pamela's CV might look like one made from the books, her life has been anything but easy. Overcoming a diverse set of challenges and difficulties, she has helped train hundreds of people in the past years on how to become more resilient and develop a winning mindset. This interactive workshop will feature a fascinating mix of tried & tested tips from 15 years of personal development and the latest research from her studies in Psychology. 
Living life to the fullest, Pamela skydove for the first time at age 21 in South Africa, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro at age 22, was honored as a Forbes 30 Under 30 at age 25, and also teaches highly in-demand paid ads courses at universities in Vienna, London, and Boston. 


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