More love@work!

Why love is good for organizations and employees.

Titel: More love@work! Why love is good for organizations and employees.

Date: June 12020, 18:30 Uhr / 6.30 pm

Type of Event: lecture/discussion

Duration: approx 90 Min

Location: t.b.a 


More love@work! Why love is good for organizations and employees.

The world of work is dominated by economic logic and its underlying principles of scarcity, efficiency, utility, and profit where dissatisfaction with the status quo is a major source of progress. History shows that this approach has its merits. History also shows, however, its limits and collateral damage. This is hardly surprising since we know that good things (‘virtues’) can turn into bad things (‘vices’) without appropriate counterbalance. Economic logic is no exception. As stand-alone orientation for organizations and their employees, it has negative effects on both performance and well-being. Love and its principles of abundance, lavishness, value in itself, and service, based on deep peace rooted in higher meaning, e.g. God, god, higher being, spiritual connectedness, calling, destiny etc., provides the necessary counterbalance. This raises a number of issues:

  • What actually do we mean by love?
  • Is there any empirical evidence for the positive effects of love at work?
  • How can we strengthen love at work?
  • Should love not be the dominating principle instead of a mere counterbalance?

This presentation will discuss these issues, (try to) challenge your current thinking about love at the workplace, and encourage you to open up new avenues for a better integration of love into the daily life of organizations and their employees.


About the lecturer

© Mayrhofer


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Mayrhofer is Full Professor and head of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Management and Organisational Behaviour, WU Vienna, Austria. He previously has held full-time positions at the University of Paderborn, Germany, and at Dresden University of Technology, Germany, and conducts research in comparative international human resource management and leadership, work careers, and systems theory and management and has received national and international awards for outstanding research and service to the academic community. Among others, Wolfgang Mayrhofer serves as editorial or advisory board member of several international journals and is a research fellow at the Simon Fraser University Centre for Global Workforce Strategy (Vancouver, Canada), and a member of the academic advisory board of AHRMIO, the Association of Human Resource Management in International Organizations. With his collaborators, he has published 32 books and (co-)authored more than 240 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.


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